Writing about kampong som city

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Writing about kampong som city

Once there, you can simply chill-out, perfect your suntan, cool-off with a soothing swim and take a relaxing walk while enjoying the wonderful sunset.

Or you can take a boat trip to one of the many largely unexplored islands, scuba dive within a refreshingly under-dived Ocean, and trek in the nearby unspoiled and beautiful national park of Ream.

And, of course, the resort is full of affordable hotels and guesthouses, along with restaurants be sure to check out the seafood and many welcoming bars.

But then again, why wonder - just thank your lucky stars and enjoy! The downtown area 1km to 3km from all the beaches is east of Victory and Independence Beaches, and contains markets, shops, hotels, restaurants, banks, bars, the bus station and general businesses. Weather Station Hill, which has loads of budget accommodation, is located directly above Victory Beach.

All the beaches in Sihanoukville are white and sandy, chilled-out and quiet although some more than othersand are full of umbrellas, drink and snack vendors.

It is fair to say, however, that each beach has its own character and are worth exploring. The Bayon Pearnik is an independent magazine dedicated to raising beer money as well as encouraging debate over standards of taste, humor and journalistic ethics. Not to be taken seriously or while driving or operating heavy machinery.Kampong Cham is the third largest city in Cambodia and the capital of the province with the same name.

Jun 11,  · On 3 March , we went to Kompong Som, which is in south-west Cambodia. We drove there from Phnom Penh and when we arrived, ate and explored the place.

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There were nice beaches in Kompong Som. We. Kampongsom City Hotel & Casino provides modern 3-star accommodation in Sihanoukville. It also features a coffee bar, hour room service and valet parking. All rooms are air conditioned and equipped with cable/satellite channels, a shower and .

Sihanoukville covers a large expanse of land and so you’ll have to take a moto or hire a bike to comfortably get around. The downtown area (1km to 3km from all the beaches) is east of Victory and Independence Beaches, and contains markets, shops, hotels, restaurants, banks, bars, the bus station and general businesses.

Kâmpóng Saôm, also spelled Kompong Som, also called Sihanoukville, town, autonomous municipality, and the only deepwater port of Cambodia, situated on a peninsula of the Gulf of Thailand. The port is connected with Phnom Penh, the national capital, by two major highways.

Cambodia Part Three: To Kompong Som and Back. On Sunday morning, we get up early for a trip to Kompong Som.

writing about kampong som city

Located on the Gulf of Thailand, Kompong Som is one of the few deep-water ports in Cambodia.

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