Writing a serialized spec script

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Writing a serialized spec script

Unity is limited by writing a serialized spec script fact that it uses an older version of.


It can also be optimized by disabling exceptions. Emit, which some of the high performance JSON serialization libraries use for optimization.

So the question of "Why is reflection so slow? Some of the big fancy luxurious all dancing all singing JSON libraries intended for less restricted CLR platforms like Windows do all kinds of amazing tricks to reduce and optimize their use of reflection. Some of those have been stripped down and ported to Unity, but others haven't.

Net is one of the most advanced feature-rich C JSON libraries, and it is free, but it is not the fastest. It hasn't been ported to Unity, but that might be worth doing, since it's such a nice piece of work. I asked the author about it, and he said that its speed was the result of dynamic code generation features that Unity doesn't support.

That would sacrifice some of the optimizations and advanced features, but still might be worth doing.

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FastJSON article and benchmarks: So far, it seems like the best balanced compromise I've found between Unity's limitations and a full set of useful features, and it looks to me like well written but not overly complex code. It's not particularly efficient in speed or runtime sizehas a terrible API, few advanced features, and some embarrassing bugs.

Even worse than a wolf: For many Unity developers, an important reason for using a JSON serialization library is to avoid using Unity's serialization system.

So the idea of JSONUtility being layered on top of the system they were trying to get away from doesn't appeal to them.

Jun 05,  · How to Write a Spec Script for TV. if you are writing a spec script for a science fiction or fantasy series, do not incorporate elements that would require too much man power or expensive effects to make. Similarly, make sure to write brief but clear set directions and practical descriptions. %(2). Feb 04,  · How much a screenwriter can sell their screenplay for depends on several factors—primarily whether the screenplay they are writing is an original spec screenplay, an original non-spec screenplay, a non-original screenplay, a treatment, a first draft or a complete package. But I once read that you should write speculative scripts with the idea that they would never be produced--whether those spec scripts are for comics or for TV shows, any ongoing serial. Ongoing series have a plan, and they aren't going to buy a script that deviates from that plan (even if it's awesome) but if the fates align, someone might see.

I am loosing editor integration, but Im gaining peace of mind that unity wont blow up and corrupt my array of items, levels, whatever. Unity should publish the source for JSONUtility to the community and throw in Serialization too please, so we can at least understand how it works when we're forced to interact with itand accept pushes, please!

A C dictionary containing a key "foo" does not have a field named foo. And there is no way to directly map between JSON and a variant type like fsData, because of the limitations of Unity's serialization system.

writing a serialized spec script

I tried implementing a variant type like fsData actually copying the source to fsData and changing the class nameand then implementing the ISerializationCallbackReceiver interfaces on it. As Lucas describes in his blog posting, what you have to do in the OnBeforeSerialize callback is to prepare the object by copying its private non-serializable fields into public fields that the serializer can deal with, and those fields must be given names at compile time.

So for example you could make a proxy wrapper adaptor for serializing a dictionary, that had a field "keys" that was an array of strings, and a field "values" that was an array of values, and in OnBeforeSerialize you copy all the keys of the dict to "keys", and all the values of the dict to the "values" array.

writing a serialized spec script

There's no way this will ever run fast, but I'm just following the API to its logical conclusion to show how futile it is to even try. But then you run into the other problem of Unity serialization: So you could write out an array of "keys" since they are all the same type, string.

But each item of the "values" array would have to be the same type.

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It all boils down to having to know all possible keys of the JSON dict at compile time, and defining C properties of those names, because it is those properties that the Unity serialization system loops over to get the keys of the JSON object.

Unity serialization also does not support null values in arrays, so if you wanted to write out a field of a particular type whose value was null, it would actually write out an default value. Read Lucas's article if you don't believe me -- Unity's serialization system is really brain damaged!

So trying to piggyback on top of Unity's serialization system isn't such a good idea if you want to handle reading and writing arbitrary JSON structures, which I do.

Binding a Serializable Object

Also Unity serialization does not even directly support writing out dictionaries, let alone dictionaries with polymorphic values. I wish I could see the source code, so it was easier to analyze and describe its limitation, and I think there's a lot of value in using an open source library like Full Serializer where we have access to its complete source code and can understand and fix its problems, than flying blind with Unity's proprietary serialization system and proprietary JSON serializer that rides on top of it.

The cycle that causes trouble he's referring to isn't just a cycle in the graph of objects, it's actually a cycle where a class member refers to any object of the same class! Like a tree of nodes. Lucas described how hard this problem is and how deeply it is embedded in Unity's built-in presumptions: When we do backwards compatible loading, we at runtime, generate a typetree for a certain object.

I actually spent a week or two going down this rabbit hole for both null and polymorphism when I did the serialization improvements for 4.Published: Mon, 5 Dec Document markup is a process of writing codes in a document to identify structure and format of a final appearance of a document.

Markup was done by copy editor writing instruction on document that was followed by typesetter, before the computerization of printing industry.

In this post, I walk through a simple example of using a serialized script to orchestrate the cloning, customization, and port group settings for a new VM. Browse: Home / / April / 06 / Provisioning Clones using Modified Customization Specifications and Specific Port Groups.

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If you’re writing a spec screenplay,your title page should contain the following information: Your script’s title; The name of the writer(s) Your contact information. Nix: Changing the model of Burn Notice from a largely self-contained, episodic show into a highly serialized drama.

That was a combination of something the network wanted and what we were.

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