The means of egress essay

He too would take a hard-line stance against homosexuality. Top Vatican and US church officials back new gay-friendly book The book carries with it a sense of authority. How is it possible to include someone that your church believes is actively living in sin? Paul the Apostle in New York.

The means of egress essay

Further information for the Healthcare Professional At Amplestuff, our focus is primarily on retail sales of items directly to larger customers. We provide merchandise that is designed to help larger people live happier, healthier, more effective lives, whether or not they are in a weight loss program.

Many healthcare providers despair of helping their larger patients, because there are so many obstacles imbedded into our institutions that make it difficult.

Indeed, many such patients have such low self-esteem that it can be hard to help them improve their health and their lifestyles. Obesity is stigmatized in our society, leaving many fat people blaming themselves for their condition.

People come in all shapes and sizes, and body size appears to have a complex series of causes, including genetics, diet and level of physical activity, previous history of yo-yo dieting, aggressive promotions by the food and diet industries which may encourage unhealthy eating habits and yo-yo dietingand so forth.

It is a controversial field, with medical experts frequently disagreeing on the causes of obesity, what constitutes a successful treatment, and so forth. However, most can agree that there are a lot more fat people The means of egress essay days than two decades ago, despite a national obsession with weight loss; and that it is not fair to deprive these folks of a place to sit down in a chair that will hold them, or a job if they are able to perform the work competently, or medical care if they are trying as hard as they know how to improve their health.

Nor should anyone make fun of the appearance of a larger person. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder--in another era, the plus size figure was revered. Is obesity a disease? On July 15,the U. Department of Health and Human Services announced that they have dropped wording that had routinely denied Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement for weight loss therapies, leaving the door open for possible payment in the future.

The means of egress essay

Some people interpreted this as an announcement that obesity is officially a disease. Regardless of whether or not having a higher-than-average BMI or percentage of body fat is a disease rather than a normal variation on the bell-shaped curve, we know that such variations exist, always have, and probably always will.

Amplestuff takes no position on the various weight-loss therapies, except to note that in the past, so many such therapies have ill-served the people they were supposed to help.

Also, it is well-known that the majority of people seeking reimbursable weight loss therapies do so not for their health, but rather for the sake of their appearance, due to the stigma they encounter every day in western societies.

In any case, healthcare institutions can expect to see many more large Americans seeking their help in the future, as the population ages. One way of dealing with the problems of these folks is to become aware of new products and procedures that are designed to help them.

As a healthcare professional, you can be better able to help your larger patients improve their health and their lives. You might consider visiting his website. If you are interested in the work of advocacy groups for larger people, you could check out the sites listed below, for starters.

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All sites have links to many other sites, some of which might interest your patients. The association includes membership from diverse medical and healthcare disciplines.

Dionne is a practicing physical therapist and national consultant in the area of working with very large patients. He has 15 years of clinical practice and specializes in the field of bariatric ergonomics, i. The title of his presentation was "Transfer and Mobility of the Obese Patient," a fascinating topic that provided a great degree of information and insight in an area that is the nightmare of many fat people: What will happen to me if I have an accident and they have to move me to a hospital?

How will they treat me there? Will they be able to accommodate me? As a result, Dionne is often called in on behalf of very large patients who simply cannot be moved with conventional methods.

He explained that in many cases and whenever possible, movement needs to be planned ahead of time. Dionne explained some of the problems that occur when housebound and practically immobile people need to be moved, and also why any degree of movement is always a good thing.

One such problem is muscle atrophy, the permanent loss of muscle tissue that can occur when certain muscles simply are not used.

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Once those muscles are gone, they are gone forever. Preventative movement therapy can go a long way to keep that from happening.

Dionne presented a number of case histories. One example was an pound man he helped in the early s. The patient was married to a thin woman, they had a great marriage, he was a business owner, and a very intelligent and motivated man.

Dionne said this positive experience helped him as much as it helped his patient who engaged in a very productive dialog about his physical problems and the problems of people of size in general.As a nurse or physician, physical or occupational therapist, dietitian or nutritionist, psychotherapist, or other health professional, you may sometimes wonder about how to help your "bariatric" patient, especially those who are very large.

Amplestuff has some products and information that may help for patients of all sizes of large, including plus .

James Martin says LGBT people are treated like lepers in the Catholic Church, and it's time for a change. Image courtesy of James Martin (RNS) In , the Vatican under Pope John Paul II.

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live in or on another species, their kaja-net.comtism is a form of symbiosis, an intimate relationship between two different species. James Martin says LGBT people are treated like lepers in the Catholic Church, and it's time for a change.

Image courtesy of James Martin (RNS) In , the Vatican under Pope John Paul II.

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