Terrorist group symbols and their relation to the groupis ideology essay

Mail What drives terrorism? In an April 27 webinar in which Fred Burton and I discussed the evolution of terrorist threats toward soft targets, we briefly discussed this very topic. Knowing what these influential forces are is crucial to understanding how an attack is conducted, placing it in context and, perhaps most important, anticipating and even forecasting future changes in terrorism trends. Tactics and tradecraft never stop changing, either:

Terrorist group symbols and their relation to the groupis ideology essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. There are differences on how people perceive the concept of domestic terrorism.

Brief Historical Overview During the 17th century the English Parliament was almost destroyed when the group of Fawkes detonated a large quantity of gunpowder beneath the building. They sought to restore the Catholic faith in England.

The term may not have become popular until the last part of the 18th century; however, its existence can be traced during the years A.

Terrorist group symbols and their relation to the groupis ideology essay

D to the religious activities of the Sicarii in Palestine Laqueur, In the real sense, the term is the underlying force in labor disputes, revolutionary or peasant war, wars for national freedom and liberation, and resistance groups against foreign colonizers.

According to a well known author Walter Laqueur discussed its evolution from the basic objective and purpose of getting rid of specific individuals from the society or from the duly constituted government into a means of starting a war by the weak against powerful forces Laqueur, In the 19th century, John Brown led terrorist armed attacks in opposition to slavery.

His most known attack was of the armory at Harpers Ferry Laqueur, There were acts of violence and force against the African Americans including burning of crosses.

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These groups may be categorized as falling under the right-wing, or the left-wing or the special interest spectrum Knight, n.

The right-wing terrorists groups espouse and advocate white racial superiority. They are heavily opposed to government and governmental regulation.

This category may include the extremist Christian groups which are sometimes also grouped under the special interest terrorism. For instance, the Army of God is a group of persons who use force and violence to end lawful abortion in the U. Eric Rudolph initiated the series of bombings of abortion clinics, night clubs catering to lesbians and gays, including the Olympics in Atlanta in Knight, n.

The hate crimes committed by the skinhead gang which are racist motivated are however, classified by the FBI as crimes rather that domestic terrorism. According to Knight, the Ku Klux Klan is not considered a terrorist organization since the violent acts it committed were more out of retaliation rather than one that symbolizes ideology Knight, n.

He claims that any discussion of right-wing terrorism would be incomplete without the inclusion of Ku Klux Klan. It was during the s and s that the Ku Klux committed violent acts and murder against the African Americans.

White Aryan Brotherhood and the Aryan Nations.

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These Aryan groups idolize and espouse the ideologies of Adolf Hitler Knight, n. According to the FBI, these right-wing terrorist groups continue to threaten the U. Two of the planned attacks were foiled in One was a plan to bomb a storage propane facility in California while another was to steal weapons from the national armories of Florida.

This group pushed for a violent overthrow of government and the declaration of martial law FBI web site, Parts of the right wing terrorist group are those which are against government. These groups filed false liens and legal claims without basis and which tied government resources Knight, n.

The supporters kept watch outside the compound for weeks until the members of the group set the buildings on fire and which led to the death of its leader Koresh and 76 more people Knight, n.

Another incident noteworthy to mention is the bombing of Oklahoma two years after the Waco incident. A truck loaded with 4, pound bomb parked in front of the Murrah Federal Building exploded and people were injured and died which included infants Knight, n.

Mc Veigh was initially stopped by authorities because he was driving a vehicle without a license plate and was later on discovered that he had in his possession, a compound used for making a bomb as well as anti government literature in his trunk.

Terrorist group symbols and their relation to the groupis ideology essay

Evidence was found later that he was also the one who rented the truck which exploded with the bomb. Mc Veigh was sentenced to death while his brother was given a life sentence Knight, n. The left-wing terrorist groups according to the FBI are opposed to the effects of capitalism and imperialism.

Inthere were a total of four bombings, i. Long before that specifically inPresident Harry Truman was almost assassinated by the members of the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party.

Antuilo Ramierez Ortiz was the hijacker of a plane which was diverted to Havana. There were other socialist groups that caused larger damage during the World Trade Organization ministerial meeting in Seattle. The Black Panther, during the late s and early s was known for raiding a California courthouse.New German Critique No 49 Special Issue on Alexander Kluge - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free.

Terrorist Group Survival: Ideology, Tactics, and Base of Operations Terrorist group survival: Ideology, tactics, and base of operations 1 Introduction In the study of terrorism, a key unanswered question concerns what determines the survival or in their analysis of terrorist group survival, even though most terrorist groups engage in both.

Understanding how and why terrorist groups practice their craft permits us to anticipate threats that are about to emerge. What Drives Terrorism Part 1: Ideology and Theory. By Scott Stewart. VP of Tactical Analysis, Stratfor. Then when the group changed its name to the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, it showed it wanted to create.

Free Essay: Psychology of terrorist group recruitment Introduction Terrorism is one of the greatest threats facing humanity in the modern society.

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Terrorism: Terrorism and Religious Groups Essay; Terrorism: Terrorism and Religious Groups Essay. Whether these groups are secular or religious terrorist groups, they are guided by their own ideologies allowing them to take on violent actions, which they eventually attempt to justify in their own terms.

and a thorough investigation will. and succeed in material aspects through their practical acumen and hard work.

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