Pldt strategies

Target Group Information and communications technology sectors, as well as the operation of Vitro data center, customer interaction solutions and knowledge processing solutions business and serves all customer categories Positioning It offers the largest and most diversified range of telecommunications services across the country through its three principal business groups, namely: The company uses the most extensive fiber optic backbone and fixed line, cellular and satellite networks to provide the best services for their consumers. Leading Market Position in its operating market in Phillipines 2.

Pldt strategies

As well as its fixed line business throughout the Philippines, it also owns the local mobile brands Smart and Sun Cellular.

Pldt strategies

And now it is looking to the cloud, big data analytics and M2M and IoT technologies to drive growth in the coming years. The reason is the changing behaviour of our customers.

From waking up, they are using mobiles to engage with enterprises. We need different methods. Things like M2M technology let us extract more information from our customers, and we want to use that information. This is where big data analytics helps.

And already PLDT has used this to analyse the demographics and mobility profiles of its 70 million customers, information that can be used not just for targeted marketing — one of the early goals — but also for transport planning, retail location planning and, in the future, healthcare.

But it knows that it cannot do all this alone. We are coming in as a consultant and telling them the value of big data analytics. We are seeing a lot of customers interested, but it is in the early stages.

We have retail organisations looking at our data to help decide where to put their branches. From something as simple as a Wifi site, we can gather information and combine that with PoS and loyalty schemes to do footfall analysis and targeted marketing.

The capital Manila has an horrendous traffic congestion problem, made worse by poor public transport — the Manila Metro Rail Transport MRT system has just a single line, for example. There is a current transport plan, but it is using traditional ways of doing things.

But with the data we can gather today, we can make it easier to do planning and forecasting. We can do simulations of how changes will impact the traffic situation. We are working now with two large bus companies for route optimisation.

One obvious area that PLDT could use M2M technology is in healthcare as it is in the unique position for a telco of owning nine hospitals.


However, here it is still dipping its toes in the water. We are trying to assess each hospital and see what information can be aggregated and analysed. We need to assess what data are available and look at consolidation.

As such, two more are being built that are due to come on line during the second and third quarters of next year. Everyone is starting to realise the need to employ the technology to improve services.

Big data will play a major role in how fast the Philippines will grow.Introducing HOME, the provider of trusted digital services that uses a powerful fiber broadband to connect all your devices for seamless, simultaneous streaming.

Enabling you to share moments that bring your family closer together. From the makers of PLDT Home . PLDT strategy to use big data to transform the Philippines. Steve Rogerson November 18, In an exclusive briefing with M2M Zone, senior executives at Philippines telco PLDT explain their plans for IoT, M2M and big data.

Jul 27,  · The production’s main goal is to know about the effectiveness and process of Public Relation strategy of the Smart Telecommunication and PLDT Inc. SUMMARY Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company provides telecommunication products and services in the Philippines.

as well as engages in Internet broadband distribution business. Even for PLDT. Philippine telco giant PLDT Group has named two seasoned professionals in the tech and enterprise industries to lead its technology and corporate strategies.


Winston Damarillo Silicon Valley veteran Winston Damarillo, who has over 20 years of experience as a technology entrepreneur and venture capital professional, was appointed chief strategy .

Jul 27,  · BY: SHYRA REALUYO Designed to trade with differences MARKETING STRATEGY OF SMART AND PLDT INC. OVERVIEW: leading wireless services provider with million cellular and broadband subscribers as of end Smart Communications, Inc.

(Smart) a topping wireless telephone services in the Philippines .

Globe vs PLDT: Who is winning the telco war?