Patriotic writing paper with lines printable

Choose books that have pop-up features. Use shaving cream on your tabletop:

Patriotic writing paper with lines printable

My daughter's friends all thought they were really cool and it made them really excited to come to the party. You can see an overview of the whole Harry Potter Party here I looked around on the internet to find what was already out there and then tweaked it to my liking.

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I started by downloading some Harry Potter looking fonts. You can find quite a few here. Instead, I'm now using Golden Script available for download for free here.

I included a Owl Post stamp that I got from here. I was going to post a file with the editable version of the envelope. I haven't figured out a good way to do it, though, because Google Drive doesn't recognized the fonts I used You'll need those fonts installed on your computer for the invite to work.

Pieces by Polly on Etsyalong with quite a few other Harry Potter Gift Items in case you don't feel up to printing off the letter and putting all the special touches on it.

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For the inside of the letter, I made my own Hogwarts letterhead by putting a Hogwarts crest at the top. It looks kind of old-style, but is easier to read in small type than the Harry Potter fonts are.

I found an image of Professor McGonagall's signature and included that. Again, if you email me, I'm happy to send you the file for you edit with your own invitation information. I printed the envelopes and the letter out on parchment paper If you're trying to do this cheaper, you could just use cream colored paper or cardstock.

Then I sealed them with a wad of red Fimo clay. I actually found the clay is not so great as a sealer itself, so I suggest a bit of glue stick or tape to hold the envelope shut and then put the clay on for decoration.

I tried a couple of things to make a fun looking seal and ended up using an old frog shaped earring I had. To be more authentic, you'd want an H shape.

Patriotic writing paper with lines printable

I found printable Hogwarts Express Tickets here. I ended up giving mine to the kids as soon as the party started, but I wish I'd thought to put them in their invitations.

There are two options there.

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I printed one off and then saw the other one and liked it better. Once printed, I couldn't decided which I liked better. I've also seen several fun ideas to deliver the invites with a stuffed owl or an owl drawn on a balloon. We didn't have a stuffed owl though, and I figured the owl balloon would be too disruptive since my daughter delivered most of them at school.

We only sent one through the US Postal Service and we put that one inside another envelope to protect the seal. The text of our letter read: You are invited to attend an orientation meeting on Date at Time. To avoid detection by Muggles, you should pretend you are attending a birthday party for Katie.

Patriotic writing paper with lines printable

To make it further appear that this is a birthday party, please bring a wrapped book used is great to exchange with the other students at the orientation. No other gift is required.Besides being a great party invitation, a Hogwarts Acceptance Letter could be a fun gift or stocking stuffer for any Harry Potter fan and now you can easily print your own.

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Yes Carrie, it would depend on the largest size paper your printer accepts. Some printers will print on tabloid paper, which is 11″ X 17″.

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