A personal recount on losing a family member in a car accident

The physical trauma, emotional effects, and financial aspects of an accident can be a lot to handle, and many families suffer deeply as a result.

A personal recount on losing a family member in a car accident

This can make recovering from illnesses more difficult. Here are a few tips to staying healthy this winter season. Wash your hands We rely on our hands for thousands of tasks. We open door knobs, answer the telephone, and cook our meals, just to name a few.

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Our hands carry thousands of germs that can get ingested when we eat or touch our lips and face. This winter season, make sure to wash your hands frequently, especially before eating.

Avoid crowds The winter season is especially busy with all of the holiday parties, shopping, and other events. However, avoiding large crowds can help prevent contracting colds and the winter flu.

A personal recount on losing a family member in a car accident

Many of these traditional sicknesses can be transferred through the air or commonly used surfaces, like hand rails and door knobs. Watch your diet Eating foods that are high in antioxidants such as dark green veggies, sweet potatoes, and berries can help boost the immune system, in addition to foods high in Vitamin C, like citruses.

Make sure to get enough protein from poultry and fish to maintain high levels of energy and strength. Get your flu shot The flu is especially dangerous for older adults.

In fact, many people get hospitalized or even die from the flu. Call your local pharmacy to receive more information regarding the vaccine. Rest It can be easy to overdo it during the holidays, but rest is essential to remaining healthy.

Make sure to get enough sleep during the night, and save some energy during the day. You might consider asking someone to help you with Christmas shopping, cooking, and holiday cleaning in order to avoid fatigue and illness. Finally, remember to have some fun!

Carespring's nursing homes and skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities in Dayton, Cincinnati, and Northern Kentucky want you and your loved ones to have a happy and healthy fall and winter season! September - Healthy Habits for Seniors Leading a healthy lifestyle is important at every age, but as we get older our wellbeing becomes more dependent on our lifestyle choices.

Contrary to popular beliefs, healthy living is more than just diet and exercise. In fact, our physical well-being also relies on our mental, spiritual, and social health. Share these tips with your senior to help them improve or maintain their quality of life. Visiting your doctor for regularly scheduled visits ensures that any illness or disease will be caught early so treatment plans can be put into place.

Visiting with your doctor also allows you to stay on top of your medications, including the type and dosage. Eat Healthy When we age, basic daily activities can become more difficult.

Make sure to eat meals with all food groups, especially leafy greens, fruit, and foods high in fiber. Socialize Healthy social lives can help us more than we think. In fact, socialization has been said to help fight off illnesses, colds, and even the flu. Proper socialization can also prevent feelings of depression, isolation, or loneliness.

Joining groups such as bridge or book clubs can be great ways to meet new people and stay busy during free time. Drink Plenty of Fluids As we age, it can be difficult to drink the proper amount of fluids each day. Getting enough liquids, both through drinking and eating is crucial to digestion and general health.

Consider using fun, low sugar drinks like lemon or berry infused waters or flavorful soups to help stay hydrated. Get Your Exercise Maintaining strong muscles and bones can prevent falls and even help speed up the healing process when injuries do occur. Contact your local recreation center for information on senior memberships.

Always ask for guidance when trying a new exercise, and above all, make sure you consult your doctor before exercising consistently. Take Advantage of Studies and Clinics Many clinics and universities conduct studies that monitor senior health and wellness.

These can be helpful in providing you or senior with new information about illnesses and diseases as well as ways to prevent or treat them.Watch breaking news videos, viral videos and original video clips on kaja-net.com I had a cousin who passed away two weeks ago in a car accident.

My cousin Amr was kind, generous and everyone loved him. After the funeral, in the next morning of his death, I entered his room and examined it; every little bit reminded me about his character.

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Aberdeen - old nursing home - it's an abandoned nursing home that is closed off by woods. there are time you go in and a chair will move from a room out into the hall kaja-net.com you walk down the hall being quiet, you can hear grunts and moaning of older people.

the building beside it burned which was where they kept the healthy patients. For some families, a car accident can result in debt, bankruptcy, loss of property and other financial problems, some of which may take years, or even decades, to resolve.

The Psychological Effects. An automobile accident can lead to a number of psychological and emotional effects. Homer joins an off-the-grid survivalist group whose leader has set up a secret retreat to prepare for the end of the world.

But Marge grows sceptical of the group's shenanigans.

How an Automobile Accident Can Affect Your Family